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Pic - Ashoke Kumar Ghosh         

Indian, b. 1983

I was born and brought up at Baruipur, which is a small township near Kolkata  in West Bengal, India. Being raised in a typical middle-class Indian culture, I had developed a deep interest in the life of the oppressed class of my country. Photography was my passion since I was a teen.  After I grew up, I decided to use my photographer’s eyes to represent the suffering of the oppressed humanity. After completing my graduation in the European History from the University of Calcutta, I have completed a diploma in Visual Effects from the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics and a course in Movie Compositing from DQ Hyderabad. Working on the human-life photography projects required a huge amount of fund, which I could not afford. So I started my career as a commercial photographer to raise fund for my actual work of photo documentary. I worked as a freelance commercial photographer for a long time. It helped me not only to raise money, but also to gather knowledge of the technical sides of photography. After I had accumulated the amount of money I required, I started working on the subject of my interest. Since September, 2013 I have been working as a full-time documentary photographer. To work on this project, I have traveled through different parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Soon my work will expand to all the SAARC countries. I will represent the gruesome realities of human life in the South Asian Countries with utmost honesty, maintaining the dignity of the human race.
Currently I am in Kolkata, India and available for assignments worldwide.