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Sinking Sundarbans_029 Sinking Sundarbans_029
  • Sinking Sundarbans_029
    June 9 , 2017 People are leaving their land as water has destroyed their houses, making them homeless in Mousuni Island, Sundarbans, India. The southern part of Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta, shared by India and Bangladesh, has been covered with the biggest mangrove forest in the world which contains 108 swampy islands too. In India, its expansion is near about 4000 sq.km. This region is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Global warming, these days, is the prime threats to the coastal regions, which results in a rise in sea level. In case of Sundarbans, the rate of this rising sea level is 3.14mm per year. As soil erosion is getting increased day by day, water is devouring the islands gradually. People are going to forests and rivers to collect food, honey, crabs or fishes but it’s beyond difficult to survive for them. The effects of global warming are resulting in devastating floods, intense storms, and torrential rains. People are becoming homeless and they don’t have a shelter to stay, neither do they have food to eat and stay alive. It is predicted that by 2020, 25% of human residence in Sundarbans will be devastated by seawater and even a large portion of Kolkata will also be submerged in the next 50 years.